Let's Share

We Are Molecule

At Molecule, we definitely Do Things a Certain Way. As our team has grown, we’ve thought at length about what that means.

Why bother? Well, we want our team members to be independent and share their awesomeness with us (why would we have hired them otherwise?), so we have more awesomeness to share with our customers. At the same time, we want to give our customers a consistent, fantastic experience every time they interact with our team or our product.

I believe that if everyone at Molecule has a shared framework for decision-making, then we can make similar choices independently. Given that, the results of a decision made by anyone on our team (regardless of implementation) should ultimately reflect what we as a company strive to do. That’s what matters.

Without further ado, and after much debate, refinement, and more debate, we’re proud to share our Values with you.

We are Molecule.

  • We own Molecule in big and small ways.
  • We want the best for Molecule and for each other.
  • We succeed as a team and fail as a team.
  • We make a meaningful impact on the enterprise software industry.

We do what’s best for the customer.

  • We provide the best approach to meet customer needs.
  • We strive to have secure, pragmatic and informed solutions.
  • We challenge the status quo by starting with first principles.
  • We want customers to achieve the maximum with minimal effort.
  • We challenge our solutions and are not afraid to toss them out the window.

We strive to be world-class.

  • We hire the best Molecules.
  • We work hard and smart, and continually learn.
  • We try hard things, ask questions, and teach others.
  • We do not fear mistakes - but we fail quickly and learn from them.
  • We reach for the unreachable.
  • We fight for what we believe is right.
  • We accept constructive criticism gracefully - from anyone, to anyone.
  • We set clear goals and use data to evaluate the best course of action.

We embrace diversity of race, gender, creed, culture, ability, orientation, and technology.

  • We use welcoming and inclusive language.
  • We respect differing viewpoints and experiences.
  • We focus on what is best for the community.
  • We show empathy and compassion towards other community members.

We love technology.

  • We believe technology can help humanity do great things.
  • We learn from seeing how others use technology in new and wonderful ways.
  • We are comfortable with, and excited about, technology.
  • We make and use the best and most beautiful technology.
  • We embrace bleeding-edge tech.
  • We love open source and contribute to the open source community.

We give back to the world.

  • We share what we learn with the community.
  • We help other entrepreneurs and new companies.
  • We contribute to our physical and our online communities.
  • We leave our communities better than we found them.

FinTech in Texas

Molecule was recently featured in TEN Capital Group's Where is Fintech in Texas?

Molecule was highlighted as one of eight growth and late-stage companies leading the charge in the Texas FinTech sector. As the article states, "Texas FinTech is likely to see a boom in investment and strong M&A activity as new means of transacting business and changing consumer behaviors transform the financial services, payments, and insurance industry as a whole." The article goes on to state that "this funding activity will involve disruptive technologies that we are only beginning to see the power of." Humbling? Absolutely. Redefining energy fintech software? You bet. And we like to think that we're just getting started.

At Molecule, we once defined ourselves as an energy risk platform designed to serve hedge funds, physical trading companies, and some of the largest financial institutions in the world. In our current conversations with prospects, our team realizes how quickly we are redefining the traditional ETRM space. As a next-generation cloud platform, we are deploying technology and operating in a way that we (hope) redefines the way enterprise software is made -- one monthly fee, no implementation fees, and product enhancements provided (on schedule) at no additional charge.

While we may have struggled with our energy identity in the past, our product blurs the lines between disruptive fintech software, a next-gen informatics platform, and a best-in-class risk reporting capability unlike anything else in the financial portfolio management (and energy) world.

We live and breathe elegant technology, design, ease of use, with the ultimate goal of zero care and feeding. Thanks to TEN Capital for the special acknowledgement in the Texas FinTech market. The inspiration and validation of our customer-first approach keeps us inspired to lead the charge from the head of the pack.

OpenLink and Allegro try to "go cloud"

We've been hearing rumors of OpenLink and Allegro announcing new offerings this year, with a focus on the cloud. We're happy the industry is coming around to our line of thinking!

That said, among the primary benefits of a cloud solution are:

  • Transparent updates
  • Quick installs
  • Fast response time, delivered efficiently
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Simply installing a piece of packaged software on a cloud-facing server, doesn't provide these benefits. Neither does simply changing a pricing model so that it amortizes differently. From what we can tell, the legacy-vendor cloud solutions still have a long way to go. An app (and its surrounding business) has to be built from the ground up, to make use of multi-tenancy, infrastructure improvements, and a service-incentivized sales model.

Molecule is. It remains to be seen whether the others will be.