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Quantopian, A Community of Quants, Picks Up $6.7M

We love startups; especially cool ones that are in the commodity or trading space.

Last week brought news that "fund of funds" investors are pulling out money in the robot hedge fund sector. But it looks like their math guys have somewhere to go.

Khosla and Spark, who just funded Quantopian to the tune of $6.8M, seem to be betting that algo-trading online is here to stay--and grow. Quantopian will help quants today, either working at hedge funds or somewhere else, strike out on their own.

How many math people are there, you ask? Quantopian says it has 11,000 of them. Quantopian is a community that posts trading algorithms and collaborate to learn from others or make their own better. They get to back-test their ideas on U.S. equities but the company has hinted at expanding to include currencies or commodities. A group of pilot testers are actually live trading on the system.

Technology, mathematics, machine learning, and helping people give the bird to "the man" - we love it!!!